The price depends on the hours i spend photographing, location and extra features (wedding album). I mainly take photographs of the wedding event from morning arrangements till evening (aprox. 12 hr) but I can also come and work with you just for a couple of hours. Tell me your wishes and I will send you my offer.

First contact me about your date and location and I will send you an offer. A 30% deposit must me made to book your date. Usally this takes place 6-12 months before the big date.
It depends on the size of the wedding. I usally have my assistent with me for the portrait session but for everything else I do not need another photographer.
The best portraits are made in good natural light conditions and when we have enough time. When you will show me your wedding schedule we will determine the best time together.
Don’t worry. My job is to make you look good in every photo and will do that well. The key is for you to feel comfortable and then the poses will come natural.
You will get ALL edited photographs, which is about 600 for the whole wedding day. Trust me, you will have more then enough.
Absolutely. All of the photos will be carefully edited and will look exactly as I inted them to be. However I do not do the cheesy “buquet in colour / everything else in B&W” type of edit.
Yes. Look at my
album offer.
Of course. Can’t have a wedding without them 🙂
At normal circumstances you will get your wedding photos in 2-4 weeks after the wedding.
I always say that good equipment doesn’t mean good photography. But a good photographer should have good tools for his work. I use digital SLR with a ful-frame sensor (35mm leica format) and the best possible lenses for good sharpness, contrast and colours. I always carry a backup camera body with me so if anything breaks – I am prepared. I often use small flashes for special effects.
Nope. I am fully focused on the photography part which leaves no room for other activities.
Kreativna tovarna – Web Design 🙂 Check them out.
True story.